Practice Areas

Cooch & Bowers Practice Areas

Commercial and Residential Real Estate
With thirty years of experience and having closed over 50,000 transactions, from Baltimore City row homes to a Fifty-Six Million ($56,000,000.00) commercial transaction, our attorneys have experience in all facets including contract and loan document preparation, title examination, and conducting the closing.

Business Transaction Sale/Purchase
The firm has an active practice in the representation of the purchase and sale of businesses. From contract negotiation, bulk sales, and lender assistance CB&S will advise and assist you in the acquisition and sale of an ongoing business entity.

Representing Businesses
From Small Businesses, Banks and Mortgage Lenders to non-profit providers of homes for the developmentally disabled, CB&S has provided outcome based advice to both the for profit and not-for-profit business community. Through serving on the Boards of both charitable organizations and a Bank its attorneys have a unique prospective on needs of a business in Maryland.

Estate Planning For The Middle Class
With an eye toward helping the client who wants to avoid unnecessary complication and cost in estate planning, CB&S provides what is truly needed for the vast majority of today’s member of the community. With a basic Last Will and Testament, Power-of-Attorney and Advance Directive most can have their estate planning requirements met at a reasonable fee.

Civil Litigation
Sometime it is necessary to pursue your rights through litigation. CB&S stresses results based outcomes with careful eye toward managing costs and expectations.

Commercial Collections
Judgment, foreclosure and collection are necessary part of any business. Certain risks inevitably end with the need to have an aggressive collection effort. CB&S is experienced in filing confession of judgments, foreclosure as well as post judgment collection.